there I was

having the flight of my life

when I received an alert

I was at the wrong place, at the wrong time

and someone

pointed it out —> I flew away to a much better place

the details


Who is Pilot Aware for?


You need feedback and you are uniquely qualified to give feedback. No matter what you fly, this App has something for you.

Download Pilot Aware for iOS from the app store or for Android on Google Play.

The App

How does it work?

It's easy.

Download it. Create a UN or login with your FB credentials. Show up to fly and activate the app. See who is flying and be seen. Send and receive messages about your flying that can drastically effect your decisions. Sweet eh? There are also custom, broadcast messages that hit everyone in the area + there is a last known GPS feature so if you go missing, everyone can find you.


The profile picture and it's importance.

Why is the profile picture so important?

When you look at the “who’s flying” page, you want to be sure you are looking at the right person. That’s why you need to make a collage picture ( search the app store for a free collage app ). The collage picture should show your face, maybe with a helmet on, your aircraft, your car, your dog etc. Whatever will make it easy for people to identify you.

Anonymous Messages

Why are the messages annoymous?

Here is the deal.

We all see things happening that don’t look quite right. There have been many times when we have thought of saying something to another pilot. Tons of things keep us from doing so. The list goes on and on – we can be busy, too far away, too late – maybe we don’t know the person well enough. Maybe we know them too well. We also know what it’s like when we “should have said something.” That ends right now. Make the comment, get it done. That’s what pilots do.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast Messages - custom and not annonymous.

Here's why.

Something is up. A big storm is coming – the winds on the ground are gusting really high. Nobody notices but you want to spread the word. Get on the ground, secure that aircraft, spread the word. Even worse, something happened. Somebody needs help. EMS is on the way and the airspace needs to be cleared. A TFR just popped up. Nobody knows. Spread the word by sending your custom message to everyone in the area who has the app turned on – and everyone has the app turned on.

Last Known GPS

When Someone Goes Missing.

It's all about finding them in a hurry.

Aware App functionality allows you to let other see your last known GPS coordinates. When someone goes missing, you can see where they are – you have the benefit of knowing their phone number, their aircraft color, what they look like. You name it. Go straight to them. That’s just smart.

there is no reason not to forward your observations

Pilot aware is the pilots preferred tool for increasing awareness

Take a moment to understand this multifaceted dynamic

No Barriers


There is no excuse for not helping your fellow pilots.


Every pilot should be in communication.


Emergency alerts are key. Weather changes, downed pilots, rescues in the works. The list goes on and on.

Pilot Aware Makes Sense

Every Pilot Knows

Awareness and Communication are key.

We all need tools. The best tool in the world is a strong team.